Property & Liability


The SIG Property & Liability Program provides:

  • Comprehensive General Liability coverage per Ed Code and Government Code.
  • Wrongful Acts coverage for board members, administrators, volunteers, and employees.
  • Auto Liability coverage for District-owned, non-owned & hired automobiles.
  • Auto physical damage coverage for owned vehicles.
  • Property coverage to replacement value for buildings & contents.
  • Boiler and Machinery comprehensive coverage.

Property & Liability Program

SIG's goal is to assist our member districts when accidents happen. Our strong focus on Risk Management and claim exposures help reduce costs by providing early claim resolutions.

SIG is self-insured and provides protection from first-party property losses for its member districts buildings and contents, including replacement cost coverage.

SIG also provides Boiler and Machinery comprehensive coverage.

SIG's Automobile coverage includes auto physical damage for owned vehicles. The program provides Automobile Liability Coverage for district-owned, non-owned, and hired vehicles.

SIG provides its district members with Comprehensive General Liability coverage and Excess Liability Coverage.

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