Providing the best coverage for our members.

A Beginning With Clear Purpose.

Schools Insurance Group (SIG) is a trusted leader for our members, providing Property/Liability, Risk Management, Workers’ Compensation, and Health Benefit/Wellness programs. Our financial stability, innovative practices, and strong partnerships, allow the focus to remain on the safety and education of students.

Schools Insurance Group (SIG) assures long-term member-focused solutions in a constantly changing landscape. Through collaboration, unity, and support, SIG seeks the best program value options with transparency and innovative services.

Meet Our Staff

Jaxine Anderson

Workers Compensation Manager

530-823-9582 Ext. 205

Work Comp Claims, Return-to-Work

Annie Cohodes

Administrative Analyst – Accounting

530-823-9582 Ext. 214

Invoices, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable

Gabbi Daniel

Director of Claims and Loss Prevention

530-823-9582 Ext. 208

Claims, Risk Management, Events, Contracts

Melissa Gianopolus

Health Benefits Administrator

530-823-9582 Ext. 202

Employee Benefits, COBRA, Retirees

Amy Gonnella

Member Services and Wellness Manager

530-823-9582 Ext. 206

Wellness, Member Services, SupportLinc/EAP

Dr. Kelli Hanson

Executive Director

530-823-9582 Ext. 203

Any Request or Support Need

Kelley Henry

Administrative Analyst – Health Benefits

530-823-9582 Ext. 201

Employee Benefits , Benefitsolver

Kirstie Miller

Administrative Assistant

530-823-9582 Ext. 200

General Support, Room Reservations, Meetings

Nancy Mosier

Chief Fiscal Officer

530-823-9582 Ext. 204

Invoices, Rates, Contractors, SIG Building Items, Actuarial

Kris Packwood

Risk and Safety Coordinator

530-823-9582 Ext. 210

Safety Plans & Inspections, Events & Activities, Risk Management

Charlene Quilao

Administrative Analyst – Risk Management

530-823-9582 Ext. 213

Events & Activities, Certificate of Coverage Requests, Auxiliary Support


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