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SIG Members have a voice. We listen and seek our member's opinions in matters related to program options, benefit packages, and claim settlements.

Our Governance Structure

The governance of SIG is overseen by a Board of Directors, which sets strategic direction and ensures ethical compliance, while executives and committees handle daily operations including risk management and financial integrity. This structure safeguards policyholders and the company's financial wellbeing, with regulatory authorities providing external oversight.

Administrative Subcommittee

The Administration Subcommittee should review matters relating to SRIMG contracts, third party administrators’ performance, commercial insurance policies and staffing, personnel and salary issues.

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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (EC) shall be responsible for the ongoing operations of the group and is hereby empowered to implement and enforce the Bylaws and such other rules, regulations, and procedures as the Joint Powers Board (JPB) shall adopt. As appropriate, the Executive Committee shall propose such amendments to these Bylaws to the JPB. The EC shall have the powers and authority that are delegated to it by the JPB.

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Risk Management Subcommittee

The Risk Management Subcommittee should review matters related to the Safety Program and general loss control.

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Finance Subcommittee

The Finance Subcommittee should review matters relating to claims audits, financial audits, and actuarial studies (scope, selection of vendors, scheduling and recommendations, responses, etc.) and review the quarterly financial information.

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Joint Powers Board

SIG’s Joint Powers Board is comprised of on representative from each of our member districts. The Joint Powers Board meets at least twice a year and is responsible for the following actions: approving a new member, expelling a member, creating or dissolving a program, amendments to the bylaws, adopting the annual budget of the group, adopting investment policies, electing members of the Executive Committee, electing officers of the group, approving signature authority, and declaring assessments or dividends.

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Employee Benefits Review Committee

The purpose of the Employee Benefits Review Committee (EBRC) is to encourage continuous and varied participation from SIG members. The EBRC shall participate in the formation, deletion, and changes of any insurance policies relating to health and welfare. Projects will include development of new medical, dental and vision plans; revisions to existing plans, and preparation of communication to SRIMG members.

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