Western Health Advantage: Healthy Selfies

SIG is teaming up with Western Health Advantage (WHA) from May 6 – May 31 for an exciting contest to encourage SIG district employees to share your “Healthy Selfies” that show how you and your family stay healthy. For more information please download our attachment.

10 Day Superfoods & Supplements Program

Embark on a transformational 10-day journey with our Superfoods & Supplements Program! Are you searching for the key to unlocking a life of boundless energy, longevity, and vibrant health? For 10 immersive days, you’ll go on a journey of discovery & transformation, as we delve into the importance of superfoods & supplements for a healthy

Superfoods & Supplements: Thrive On Workshop

Join us for an enlightening journey into Superfoods & Supplements with Jenny Ross! Learn about the secrets of superfoods — nature’s powerhouse of nutrients — and how incorporating them into our diets can revolutionize our health and well-being. Whether you’re a seasoned health enthusiast or just beginning your wellness journey, this event is for you.